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Giant Spider Bouncer


  • Dimensions: 20'x20'
  • Outlets: 2
  • Monitors: 1
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This bounce house is HUGE at 20'x20' round! Once your kids are caught in the spider's web, they'll never want to leave. With a unique radial design, this bouncer gives extra "lift" to any party or event. Great for Halloween parties and Fall Festivals too.

SIZE: 20'x20' (will fit in most 2 car driveways) 20' Tall

CAPACITY: Will hold up to 18 kids at one time. An adult must be present at all times while unit is in use.
ELECTRICAL: Requires (1) 10-15amp outlet (Note: will not work on GFI outlet).


Red Light/Green Light - When you yell “green light”, everyone jumps. On “red light” everyone freezes. The last one to freeze is out!

Seesaw - Two kids get on the same “hump”. They jump opposite of each other and wah-lah, an inflatable seesaw! You can also incorporate a physics lesson here that explains why a jumper can get more “air” when using the seesaw technique (compression & pressure).

Bounce Like a... - Yell out an animal and all the kids have to jump like that animal! Try kangaroo, frog, rabbit, then make it interesting with elephant, lizard, coyote, whale, etc.