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Laugh'n Learn Toddler


  • Dimensions: 16'x19'
  • Outlets: 1
  • Monitors: 1
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Laugh-n-Learn for Toddlers is the ultimate playground. Combining fun with learning, this unit will encourage counting, shape recognition and the ABCs while having more fun than ever! If you're ready to take your child to Toddler Town without leaving the house, then it's time to Laugh-n-Learn! Features bouncing, climbing, sliding, obstacles and a ball pond that can accomodate over 300 balls (BALLS CURRENTLY NOT INCLUDED DUE TO STATE REGULATIONS)! Learning features shape, number & letter matching.

SIZE: 16'x 19' (requires an area of 18'x 21' for setup)

CAPACITY: Up to 15 toddlers at one time. An adult must be present at all times while unit is in use.
ELECTRICAL: Requires (1) 10-15amp outlet (Note: will not work on GFI outlet).


Red Light/Green Light - When you yell “green light”, everyone jumps. On “red light” everyone freezes. The last one to freeze is out!

Bounce Like a... - Yell out an animal and all the kids have to jump like that animal! Try kangaroo, frog, rabbit, then make it interesting with elephant, lizard, coyote, whale, etc.